At Organico, we care deeply about helping farmers produce the crops needed to feed the world’s ever-increasing population and about protecting our natural resources. These two strands are woven together in our commitment to developing safe, effective solutions for sustainable agriculture. Real solutions require solid R&D and an understanding of farmers’ needs. Our R&D team is always exploring sustainable technologies to improve crop health and yields while protecting the soil and water farmers depend on. We work closely with farmers and distributors around the world to understand their needs and how we can best meet them with sustainable solutions.

Water & Sanitation

Organico provides people in developing countries with solutions for accessing clean, safe water and sanitation. Today, most of the developing world either lacks sewage systems or relies on inadequate, broken-down systems, leaving more than one billion people without access to clean and safe water. In fact, 1 out of 5 deaths among children under the age of 5 is due to water-related diseases. Organico SuperSewer help reduce the buildup of sludge and odor and improve solid-waste management in municipal wastewater lagoons. According to the World Toilet Organization, about 2.6 billion people lack access to proper sanitation. Among the main problems that are responsible for this situation are: lack of priority given to the sector, lack or inadequacy of sustainable water supply and sanitation services in public places. Providing access to sufficient quantities of safe water and facilities for disposal of excreta are of primary importance to reduce the burden of disease caused by these risk factors. Almost half of the developing world’s primary schools do not have water and sanitation facilities. Without toilets, girls typically drop out of school at puberty. Organico SuperSeptic works wonders in septic tanks and pit toilets by continuously breaking down a broad range of organic matter, including fats, oils, and grease besides keeping the pit or septic tank almost odor-free. Our products also reduce, and in some cases even eliminate, the need to pump tanks and toilets.

  • The future depends on what we do in the present.

    ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~